hitech industry

Hi-Tech Industry

ASE’s exclusive hi-tech industry solutions help clients to drive constant product innovation, introduce new products in the market and stay ahead of competition. Our industrial automation services incorporate the best practices of product engineering, plant engineering solutions, supply chain management and lifecycle management and are actively sought after by companies that wish to stay profitable while implementing environmental friendly initiatives.  Our hi-tech industry solutions cover:

  • Office automation
  • Application engineering
  • Consumer electronics
  • Mobiles and tablets
  • Storage and mass storage validation
  • Semiconductors
  • Gaming and multimedia

Hi-Tech Industry – You Get:

  • Customized and comprehensive IT tools that facilitate innovation, market expansion, regulatory compliance and business profitability
  • Expert consulting in the fields of new product development and engineering, quality and performance testing and value added services
  • Latest IT frameworks, state-of-the-art testing infrastructure and reusable software to develop the best products
  • International service at significantly economical costs

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