HR Management

HR Management System

Looking for an efficient HR management system to simplify and ease out the day to day business operations of your human resources department? Your search ends at ASE. We offer robust human resource management systems are tailored to your bespoke requirements and budget.

Our human resource management system supports a wide range of HR functions – all aimed at improving the performance of your HR department while saving both time and money. Our HR management system provides:

  • Unified set up to operate and administer different business processes efficiently
  • Easy access to all the information required to make informed business decision
  • Simplification of recruitment processes and employee training programs
  • Minimization of errors in data management
  • In-depth review of employee performance
  • Easy maintenance of records of salaries, bonus, perks, etc.

ASE Approach

With its multi-pronged approach, our HR management system allows your HR personnel to function seamlessly, efficiently and in tune with your company’s business and financial objectives. Our system can be used to:

  • Create dashboards with relevant lists, charts and links to sections containing employee records, recruitment, attendance, leave requests, training and more
  • Share records and reports with senior management in simple and useful formats
  • Upgrade HR system software in accordance with changing technologies
  • Keep all records safe, password protected and error and virus free
  • Organize employee payroll
  • Give rewards and recognition to top performers

Contact ASE today to discuss your bespoke requirements of HRM system in Saudi Arabia.