Portal Development

Portal Development

ASE offers portal development and enterprise portal solutions in Saudi Arabia to help its clients have better access to information, distribute their content effectively, manage their workflow and handle all social media activities efficiently.

As part of its portal services, we:

  • Construct intranets, extranets and internet portals
  • Help our clients unify all their data sources, applications and content on a common platform
  • Offer mobile portal development to make business content available to users on smartphones and tablets
  • Provide content synchronization and replication services to make information more locally accessible

ASE Approach

ASE’s agile enterprise portal solutions in Saudi Arabia offer the scope of future upgrades, additions and system integration. Our portal development is based on service oriented architecture (SOA) and standardized protocols that allow our clients to reap the maximum revenues from their business. Our competency lies in offering robust portal services based on Drupal, Open CMS, Microsoft Sharepoint and Alfresco and include:

  • Portal development and application development
  • Integrating you portals with social media and secure payment gateways
  • Limiting data access and user control for maximum security
  • Employing SSL to secure all online transactions on or through your portal
  • Applying digital signature
  • Offering encryption services
  • Providing pre certification audits and preparations for OWASP and PCI DSS

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